Monday, December 17, 2012

Top Ten Cozy Book Covers Tag

                                                        Top Ten Cozy Book Covers Tag

One of my most favourite things about cozy mysteries is their covers. There is something oddly comforting in a nice cover on a cozy murder mystery book ,we know that there is going to be a murder,there may even be more then one,heck half the town could be splattered,knifed,bludgeoned ,poisoned etc but we all know that by the end the killer is going to be found and he will get his comeuppance!!! So on with the books!!.....
This coming year I am going to be paying special attention to new cozies coming out..they will get a mention and I will be reviewing them on here.

Here are a mere few of the wonderful cozy books I have come across.. Some others that I have on my kindle will be mentioned in another blog this month but for now here are the actual paperback copies I have.

Kate Carlisle books above. 
 Lorna Barrett above.
Please feel free to tag yourself in this  as I would love to see any cozy mysteries you have come across.

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