Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunny Sundays

Hi guys! It has been a lovely sunny day here in my part of the world.  Everyone seems to be out enjoying the lovely weather ...have you noticed people seem happier when the sun is shining and they don't have to wrap up in layers to keep the cold out. 
 Anyway I usually walk on Sundays and Cook but this Sunday I did something a little different....

First let me show you the books I am reading tonight. I am finishing two books off. Lending A Paw by Laurie Cass .
The next book I am finishing is Pumpkins in Paradise by Kathi Daley. Truly loving both these books ! Check out either of these if you like mysteries or cozy reads.

Now on to the food.........
Delicious soup for starters
Shredded chicken with sweet chili sause and fried rice
The bookshop was calling to me so I called in but it was closing soon so I had not got a chance to pick out a book. I love it in there! Book shops are awesome!
I love the attention to detail some shops go to. Pretty , oh so pretty!
Frothy coffee.... Yum
Read the storage instructions of these crisps !

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