Monday, August 18, 2014

Reading And Cold Weather

Hi there buddies! It's a rainy Monday in my part of the world and I am thinking about the books I am planning to read this week. As you might know I am listening to a few audiobooks right now and they do take a little while longer then reading the actual book so you may see some books below you have seen before in my "Reading Right Now "Blog Posts.
In other news.... I have been going to the library regularly lately....I get the urge to do this about this time every year, the end of the summer feels like it is drawing in quickly and the cravings for books and tea and hot chocolate begin like clockwork again. Anyone else thinking of stews and mashed potatoes??????????????? Walks in cold dry weather while being wrapped up warm and cosy?????
I do read and buy some books and go the library in the summer ,but it is the Autumn and Winter I do this a lot more often. I don't know why that is but it is very comforting when it's grey and raining outside. Who has not enjoyed a good haunted house story when there is a gale blowing outside, it really sets the mood.
Grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and have a look at the books I will be  reading this week. Let me know in the comments what you are reading right now and if you are enjoying it.

Calamities in Flipping Bodbury by Georgina Edwards & Verity Stew. Review Book. 
Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman
The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton
Tender is the Night by F Scott Fitzgerald 
Still listening to Doll Baby by Laura Lane McNeal. I truly adore this!

Have a lovely day my friends x x x

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