Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Calamities In Flipping Bodbury. Review.

I was so thrilled when I got to review Calamities in Flipping Bodbury by Georgina Edwards and Verity Stew , I had a really good feeling about it when I saw the beautiful cover of a typical Cotswolds scene. 

If you were a fan of EF Benson or P G Wodehouse then I think you will enjoy this book set in a small village in the Cotswolds. I love reading about small town life and it's inhabitants and this did not disappoint as there were some very amusing characters amd scenes in this story. Each chapter told us more about a different family or group in the village and the humour and the plot were what had me smiling throughout . I truly did not want to see the story end. If you enjoy books about small town/ village life with a good dose of humour then you cannot go wrong with this book . Loved it! 

I received this book from the lovely people over at Austin Macauley Publishers. 
Below find a link to this book on their website.


  1. I love stories about village life too.

  2. They are a great place to set a story:)