Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blah days and Books

­čĺÉToday was one of those summer days that is really warm one minute and lashing rain the next so if you happen to be out in it you have the good fortune to get drenched to the skin while getting heat stroke into the bargain. Anyway as the title says it was a bit of blah day , cheerless and well blah..so in order to end the day on a better note books, food, snacks, and a little pampering are called for.

There is nothing like tea and a biccie to give you a lift unless of course you are intending to run a bath and drink your tea there... Now your talking! Add a book and a facemask, some music and a candle and I am well on my way to a good nights sleep .

I am completely absorbed in reading Tender is the Night right now...I wish I had realised sooner how awesome this book is.... These characters ...WOW!!!! I love watching the relationships unravel and its anybody's guess how it all will end. Rosemary is a character that I both love and hate. Her mother....well she is a bit of an odd one...  Her guidance is a bit bizarre but she makes a great secondary character . Have any of you guys read this book? The main couple in the book are electric, they have real charisma , it's engrossing to read about them if slightly like watching a car crash.You guys probably know by now that I am a fairly speedy reader but I am taking my time with this book. 

Me and cutie patootie

I got some Audible books recently too so expect a haul and reviews over the weekend. 
Have a lovely Friday x x x x x

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