Saturday, April 27, 2013

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stephenson Review

I cannot believe that I have got to my age without reading this book before now. Seriously folks when I was few pages into this I fell in love with it. I had heard so many references to this book down through the years that I could almost feel that I had read it but now that I finally have I could not wait to recommend it. By the way it is free on amazon through kindle .
Many famous sea fairing men are in this book.. The notorious Captain Flint and the even more well known Long John Silver....
There is a huge amount of adventure on the high seas in this book while it feels like most of the time every pirate was a bit squiffy on a nip/crate of rum...
Pirates are great fun to read about as they are so badly behaved and they do tend to be a bit of a loose cannon (did you see what I did there ;0) )
The characters in here are so likable even though they are supposed to be bad guys.. You can't help admire them in some ways( well it is hard to run about on board deck with  one  wooden leg when  you have had a few men's share of rum inside you..... purely medicinal don't you know!!! hehehehe. These Pirates are free spirits and you can see why they enjoy it so much out  roaming the seven seas...It was a lot of fun reading this and I flew through it....
I recommend this to every single person who likes great characters!!!

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