Monday, April 29, 2013

Ahhhhhh books

I was writing out a list of books for my To Buy Soon List... There are so many good books coming out this year that I have to keep a notepad in my bag just to keep track ..
Normally the Autumn is the time I read and buy the most books,  but as this Winter weather has dragged on for sooo long now I have found myself inside reading more and more.

Do you have a time of year you tend to read most or is it a daily fix for you?

Even my seasonal reading habits have changed as it really does not feel like spring. Normally I would read books that tend to be set at this time of year....we had hail stones a few days ago,it does not feel like Spring!!!! Yikes!!!.... Summer seems a long way away.

I am craving stories about people on their summer holidays and villa's in sunny destinations, holiday guides and non fiction accounts of people who upped and left their life in what ever dreary country they were in for a sunny climate where wine is never far at hand and the shoes are always sandals and flip-flops and ice cream is practically a food group on it's own. 

So that being said I am planning a bumper week of " holiday books "soon where I can day dream until my heart is content about sandy beaches and clear blue seas and tropical climates. All this I shall be doing while snuggled in bed with my electric blanket and bed socks and thermal Pj's......

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