Saturday, April 27, 2013

Supping with the Devil by Richard Elliot - Square

This was not the usual type of book I read but it was awesome!!! This book had everything you could ever need for a gripping read. Murder, corruption, contract killers, and the ups and severe downs in the financial world had me glued to the page. I was astounded by how well this financial thriller kept me guessing until the jaw dropping end. There is more then the odd one of two criminals in this book and the lengths that they went to for the almighty buck was astonishing. This was a glamorous and exciting read that was good to the very last page....... Now I am going off to daydream about all things I would do if I had the type of money these people had.... sigh........This was sooooooo good. I wish there could be a sequel !!

I received this through for review. This book is going to be released in May.
Below is a link to the author's web page This book will be available to read about on lovereading nearer to publication day and will be available through all good bookshops in May

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