Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life,Love,Books and Everything Else.

It's been a funny old week. Those who follow me on Facebook may know that I have been in hospital a lot recently.. Since I came out I have been craving comfort food, books, floral scents and all things good for me. Here is what has been getting mind and soul back on the road to recovery.
                                                             Lentil and carrot soup
                                          Movies and my favourite Avoca cosy blanket

When lying in bed my nails started to bug me being unpainted..... Cute As A button by Essie is what I put on them as soon as I got home.

I have just finished reading this book... Ohhhh I loved it... I had read it years ago as a child and that edition differed slightly to this one. This was lovely ! The story is about a young girl called Mary Lennox who is sent to live with her uncle Archibald Craven in the gloomy Misselthwaite manor. There are big changes for this young girl having been previously used to being put on a pedestal by the staff her family employed in India where she lived before her move back to England. Now orphaned and living in this lonely old house she has had to adjust a lot. Her fiery temper and strong will from being too pampered are soon lessened after spending some time with the staff in Misselthwaite. Adventure ,new friends , food and the great outdoors all play a part in healing this young girl at a time in her life she was the most vulnerable. This is more touching and tender then I thought it was going to be and will now be firmly placed on my favourite shelf .

Creamy goodness for the skin in the form of Lush soaps...I needed some girly bath time....

 Inside my Christmas special edition Lush tins are these soaps: Porridge, Honey I washed the kids, Snowcake, Vanillary, The Godmother, Rockstar. These are all wonderfully scented and gentle on skin.

                                                       Time for some baking/cooking
                  There is not much that double nut, chocolate home made cookies can't sort out
                                       For my guy who looked after me so well this week.

Some tunes to read by..........



  1. Now I see why you've had so much time to read lately. Sorry you're down, and hope you're up and about soon!

    1. Thanks Diana! :0) Have a great day!