Monday, April 15, 2013

Band Aid Books= Literary Hugs

The Band Aid Book
Today was a bit of a blahhhhh day... You know the type... Not enough sleep, appointments I was dreading ,migraine and then well it just got charming...(insert sarcastic grunt here)
Some people may turn to a slab of chocolate, perhaps a glass of wine ,my drug of choice was literature today.
There is something calming about books.... I like to think the calmness they induce is because they(trees) were once quietly growing in forests ,nothing but nature and birdsong  surrounding them so when they were eventually were made into these nurturing things we call books that some of that peacefulness is carried on to what I hold in my hands now that bring me so much comfort and certainty at times when there has been none to hand .
 Some people I am sure can gain some benefit from reading about those less better off then they are. Kind of like ....Well this character sure is having a rough time...well at last my life is not as bad as that........It makes your own situation less isolating.. Instant comfort gained.
 Books can take us away from our problems even for a short time ..we can block out the outside world and travel far away to somewhere better where the people are infinitely better behaved, be it for a few minutes or a few hours...just what we may need when things hit the skids.
 Laughter through reading is another form of therapy... costs little and can last as long as the glue holding the pages together holds up. . A book that can make you chuckle is an absolute keeper. I recommend high doses of this type of book twice a day until the situation improves.
 Another comfort read are the books from childhood.. These are often staples on a booklovers shelves and are hard to beat.. They really set a standard and begin us on our journey to adult reading. These are books that as adult book lovers we may go back to again and again. Remembering all the previous times down though the years that we have read and enjoyed them and  in itself brings comfort and joy. Snuggling under a duvet with a torch when I should have been asleep as I read an extra page felt elicit and soooo good... while daydreaming about lands on top of The Faraway Tree always made me smile.

 There are books that are so far away from what are own life is like that these can be a true gift to read on the "down in the dumps" days. Reading about great adventurers and foreign lands, mystical places and legends from years past can all be mood lifters.
 What about reading about someone else's life is like and where they come from... many a time I have read the above book day dreaming about New York City and all the wondrous things I would do and places I would visit if I ever got there.

  Almost Magical.... A dream day read.... Miss Pettigrew lives for a day....... a little gem of a book... shoo go read it.... A sweet and happy read.
My very favourite.... This one is almost always a mood lifter... I often read this in my granny's house brings joy to me now on many levels... great writing, fun, informative, touching... what is not to love about that.
One of my Childhood favourites.....high adventure....need I say more..... My Niece will be getting this as soon as she is old enough to read it.

 The Gilmore Girls TV series was something I was a huge fan of. In fact if I am ever blessed with a daughter of my own I am seriously tempted to name her Loralei ..Gilmore Girls fans will understand... This TV series and books contain Strong females who are kind, funny, sarcastic, witty, ambitious, nerdy...Perfect girly books for the younger girls and the young at heart....

I would love to know if you have any books that you turn to again and again when you need a literary hug xxxxxxxx

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