Thursday, April 25, 2013

This Evening

What a lovely sunny evening it was here this evening. The flowers in the garden were tempting me so I had to go and pick a few. Daffodils are such cheerful looking flowers it really brightens up the kitchen having them on the table.
So this evening I thought I would show you what I am reading right now and tell you about the book I won.....

Reading now.. This has me gripped!

A Broth of Betrayal by Connie Archer I am starting tonight... I really adored her first book in this series. I can't wait to see what the characters are going to be getting up to in this book.
Sooo... I got this hook for in the library for my door to hang my book bag on.(I am always losing my book/library bags at home)I am hoping I will get into the habit of hanging it up when I get home now that I have a new hook.

        I love this book bag, cheap ,sturdy , washable and can take the weight of the books.
                                                                      Penny's best!

So, I mentioned I won a book.. The wonderful Larissa over at was running a comp to win a book by R .L Nanquin  yay!!!! I picked book 1 which was Monster in my Closet,

I can't wait to read this!!!!

Well buddies I am off to bed with some books and tea. Sweet dreams xxxxx

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