Saturday, July 9, 2016

My Sunday

It's been a funny old week . The weather has been hit or miss all week with the chances of getting drenched pretty high. With one afternoon dry we got the fence painted and gate made with a little heart in its centre. This will lead into vegetable garden . Flowers are taking an awful long time to bloom , the weather has confused them and I hope they will flower after all the care I have put into them. 

I moved my veg from my mini green houses into my big greenhouse this week . It was so exciting , after all the work to get them all ( almost ) in there . I popped my sun chair outside it on the paving we put down . I had to get my book out too ,so that evening I sat for an hour with my book listening to the bees buzzing in the hedge and water trickling into the pond. Perfect!

As I have been sick these two things above have been a daily comfort . 

I finished reading Hendrik Groen's nonfiction account of his life in a retirement home, it left me with a lump in my throat and hopes he will continue to write his diary. If you get a chance pick up this book .

I am listening to a cosy mystery by Leighann Dobbs- Ghostly Paws is a fun mystery set in a very quaint town. Highly recommend. I forgot how much I love cozies. It has a great narrator too. The ebook was free last week so it might be worth checking to see if it still is. 

Anyway guys I am off to bed with my books. Wishing you a great sleep and a good week. Xxx

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