Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mariane by Monica Dickens . Review

This story is about a young girl called Mariane known as Mary. It takes us from her adolescence to being an adult,  and from country to country ,although the majority of the story takes place in England. Mary comes from a comfortable family background , she has an uncle called Geoff who is an actor who she looks up to and thinks the world off , he is a humourous character , and a little irresponsible , but you can't help but like him. Mary is a day dreamer and worrier , her life is a gentle one to read about and  her family are delightful. Some of my favourite parts of the book take place in Paris where Mary goes to train in dress making with the intention of coming home and helping out her family , her time there is very enjoyable and she really grows as a woman  . What I liked about the book was that from her young years to adulthood she retained her youthful outlook and day dreaming quality that a lot of people lose as they grow older . It's a very laid back story , perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons with a large cup of tea. 
This book is available from Persephone Books through the link below :

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