Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lush Haul Part 2

Lush Autumn 2014 part 2

Lip scrubs by lush. Popcorn and Santa's . These are great to get cracked lips in tip top condition with minimum effort. Add a Moisturing lip balm straight after and you will have silky soft lips . 
The melting snowman bath melt smells spicy and cosy which is perfect now the weather is a lot cooler.
Soft Couer is a delicious scented massage bar that I like to use for massage and as a body lotion when skin needs an extra moisture boost.
Rub between hands or put directly on skin for bar to soften and become easy to massage in.
Holly Go Lightly is a bubble bar scented with the same great smell as Hot Toddy.

Sex Bomb bath ballistic is a sensually scented bath fuzzier that really softens skin and leaves entire house smelling divine
Honey Bee bath ballistic is sweet and delicious like honey and chocolate . This is really relaxing and not sickly at all, break it in half to get two baths of yummy scented gorgeousness
Blue Skies is a deeply relaxing bubble bar that makes two to three baths of gorgeous bubbles and pale blue water . This is perfect before bed .

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