Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Night

It's a Friday night and my dream destination is my couch with either DVDs or a good book... I am going to be honest I did both . Penguin Pajamas on and I am as cosy as possible.
It has been a good book week for me... I listened to  Lena Dunham's book and now totally understand why this lady is held in such high esteem , remarkably honest , she lays herself bare and that is awe inspiring and completely refreshing ! I will be posting a review over the weekend on her book but in the mean time try and get yourself a copy.  Not in the mood to read ... Look out for her movie Tiny Furniture or the tv series Girls.
I have also been listening to the Erin Morgenstern interview with Neil Gaiman as they talk about The Ocean at the end of the lane  . I loved that book , and this interview was a lot of fun to listen to! It can be downloaded on if you want to listen to listen to some awesome writers talk about a truly good book. It really is SO good! 
I have been thinking today what my Halloween reads are going to be this coming week so you can expect a blog post on that over the weekend. 
Until next time I will leave you this in waxed leggy being I came across in my local grocery store. Charmed I am sure! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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