Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Night Date Night

Yes that is a dog swimming!

Ooohhh boy what a night! The wind is building up to a good old roar outside and I have about as much desire to put my foot outside the door as I have of taking an ice cold dip in the Atlantic about now. Thankfully my hobby/ obsession is perfectly met indoors where it is reasonably warm and I have a little pet cuddled up in a ball on my lap who loves when I am still and she can get comfortable. Her snores now mean my turning pages has put her to sleep. It is small moments like this I cherish and they make me very happy.
I have been completely engrossed and obsessed with the audible version of The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters. I am as quiet as a mouse as I listened to this book this week... eagerly waiting to see what was going to happen. I read no review about this book before reading it and I am glad of it now as I had no expectations. The narrator Juliet Stephenson is remarkable,  a truly gifted storyteller.i have a couple of hours left and the tension is building and I am fearful for these characters.This is a book for adult readers.

The kindle books I am still reading are Tom's Midnight Garden about a young boy who at night goes on adventures. I am a bad sleeper so I really appreciate how this young main character tries to find a way to get through the long night hours .The Darcy's of Pemberley , I don't want this story to end! Lovely book .. More Darcy :0)

If you are a fan of Jane Austen then I highly recommend Shannon Winslow's books.

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