Thursday, March 6, 2014

Curtain by Agatha Christie. Review.

I have loved all Agatha Christie's stories that contained the wonderful Belgian Detective Hercule Poirot but this was the only book I put off reading because I thought I would have a lump in  my throat while reading some of it.
The story begins when Hastings receives a letter from his old friend Hercule Poirot inviting him to come for a visit to Styles. Here friends and many mysteries awaits.
The story is a charming one, if  a little sad, but it is a must for all fans of Poirot .
Great characters, great storyline and more then a few surprises.
This was the first time I felt like I got to really see Hastings in a Poirot book and I did enjoy that but a little let down by him too. His daughter is a  very unlikeable character in this book and the way he did not retaliate when she talked down to him really bugged me. If she was a real person I would not want to have anything to do with her. Hastings needs more gumption!
In this book the great detective has really gone down hill health wise and even though he does not seem to be very well physically his old grey matter still sparkles. He can really unravel a complicated situation into bite sized pieces that are easy to understand in a short space of time and  it is very enjoyable to read, the entire time you read you have those little "lightbulb" moments as the story progresses . I love that!
I will read this book again ....even though it is sad in parts it is tremendously good. This was one of the most surprising books that contained my favourite detective.
 As you will likely already know this was the last book from Agatha Christie featuring Mr Poirot and
 he has been and will remain one of my favourite fictional detective characters ever!

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