Thursday, March 6, 2014

Carry You by Beth Thomas. Review

This is one of those books that when you finish you let out a satisfied sigh and then go tell all your friends about it!
The story is about a young woman called Daisy who has recently lost someone very close to her and it has really turned her life upside down and inside out and she is very lost and really needs to find herself again but she is so consumed with loss that it takes a friend with a will of steal and heart full of love to get her back on the road to living again.
Daisy is very reluctant to go back into the world and so it takes a lot of badgering to get her up off the sofa and outside and meeting people. Her best friend Abi is a terrific friend and gets her literally on the road to recovery by getting her to train for the Moonwalk. I am not going to go into too much about that but I will leave a link below where you can find out more about this. It is a walk around London done at night for to raise money and support cancer research.
The walk is over 20 miles long and Daisy has to begin training straight away if  she is going to get through the walk on the day so with a little help from Abi , Daisy gets some walking buddies for her daily walks and things begin to get a lot brighter in her life once she gets out in the world again.
The story is touching and thought provoking as well as being incredibly inspiring. I could not get enough of this. The way Daisy's character developed was very enjoyable to read and there were a few surprises thrown in as well which I did not see coming.
I say go out and get this book straight away and then buy it for all your friends! Wonderful!

The Moonwalk

I won this book through Avon Books but you can find it here when it is published in April 2014:

Beth Thomas

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