Friday, August 12, 2016

The View From The Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman . Review

Neil Gaiman could probably read a phone book and I would sit there and listen so enchanting is his voice , but this non fiction book is a true gem for all Neil Gaiman fans .
In this book Neil talks about comics , his fellow author friends , favourite books and characters , different genres ,his wife Amanda, and many other wonderful things giving us an insightful look into this wonderful authors mind. 
Neil's way of telling you anything is an intimate one, you feel like you are a dear friend sharing a cup of tea as he is telling you all about the things that interest and excite him ...there are lots.yay!
I found myself googling things as I listened to his book as he is a fountain of information . You get the feeling he has lived many lives . That's a good thing! He is quirky , wise and 100% fabulous. Go read this now!

I recommend this to all Neil Gaiman fans as well as anyone interested in the lives of authors . 


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