Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King . Review

I loved "The Shining" , so I put of reading Doctor Sleep for a long time because I feared that in some way it would ruin the whole experience that was "The Shining" . Let's face it that book was more then just a book, it was an experience . It's one of those books that upon hearing it's name you instantly remember the characters and the setting and how you felt and where you were when you read it.
So that being said ... going back into Danny's world I was excited and apprehensive . Now that I read it I loved it! Some of our favourite characters from the first book are back I was glad to see. Some  I was less glad to see . The book covers a lot of years in Danny's life so we get to see what a traumatic incident can do to a child who then grows to adulthood. Danny is as likeable as always , flaws and all , in fact they make him all the more endearing as it makes him more relatable . Danny's gifts stay with him into adulthood and they are still proving useful in more ways then he ever thought they would . I would say this book has two main characters , Danny and Abra - Abra is a young girl with exceptional abilities who reaches out to Danny and the story gradually become a tale of good versus evil . 
Would I recommend this ? Oh Yes, indeed I would ! :0) 


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