Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Death In The Dales by Frances Brody . Review

Do you like a cozy mystery? If the answer is yes then read on. 
After having a lot of stress recently ,part time detective Kate Shackelton takes her niece with her to the Dales to recover from an illness in the healthy fresh air of the countryside  . Of course it's not long before Kate finds herself  in the thick of another mystery that had at first seemed long since buried . When Kate is around secrets and lies have a habit or rearing their ugly heats and she is just the woman to poke around and find out more about them , and this time she has help! 
What started out as a relaxing holiday for her and her niece becomes the exact opposite  very quickly and if she does not help the locals she will never get to enjoy her stay here at all.
 In this book Kate seemed a little more world weary then previous books but she still retained that gumption and sense of adventure and justice that I admire in her character . I have a feeling it's going to rub off on her niece :0) .
The story was enjoyable , the twists and turns unexpected and the relationship between Kate and her niece was enjoyable to read about  ( think future Nancy Drew) . 

I recommend this to all fans of mysteries or especially cozy mysteries with strong female leads . 

Frances Brody

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