Sunday, November 8, 2015

What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey . Review

I love Oprah. I have done for years. She is like this cool aunt who explains things in a way that you can just get it! As she would say, a lightbulb moment. I was so excited when I heard about her book and was even more excited because she made an audible version which she narrates herself. I find her a soothing calm person to listen to and I respect her so much that listening to her talk made me " get her" even more. With a well known and respected television career it would be easy to think this would be overwhelming but after listening to this ,  oooh this lady has the smarts! From following your gut, taking care of yourself , making time , and getting rid of unnessary things from your life ,those are just a few of the many words of wisdom she has to offer and I would recommend this to any female no matter what her age . I am glad to have read it now but I wonder could it have had an even greater impact if I listened to this as a teenage girl growing up in rural Ireland. The advice is timeless ,no nonsense , and clear ,and by the time the book finished I had so many aha moments that I felt a sense of calm and understanding gentle ease in. 
Get this book for yourself or any female friends you hold dear you won't regret it!



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