Sunday, November 1, 2015

Agatha Raisin And The Murderous Marriage by.C Beaton

Agatha is finally getting married to James Lacey and when the day arrived things turn very dramatic very fast when Agatha's husband shows up, yes Husband! As you can imagine this does not go down well with her fiance and then the proverbial hits the fan. If that was not bad enough James takes off and tragedy happens and it is all centered around my favourite amateur sleuth Agatha who is getting through the whole dire situation with a smart mouth and oodles of cigarettes and alcohol . With the help of some friends and some smart thinking they start to investigate a crime as Agatha tries to mend her broken heart too. It's not easy living in the small town of Carsley where everyone knows your business and you are homeless right now and needing the last people on earth you want to help you out! I loved this book. Agatha and her friends together make this the perfect mystery series and this book is just another diamond in that crown . I love it! 

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