Thursday, November 12, 2015

End Of A Project

Every autumn and winter like clockwork my head starts thinking patterns and coloured wool, this year was no different. The nights feel so long that the only way I can distract myself is to keep busy. That being said below is all the squares I completed for one of the blankets I am making. I never made a blanket like this type before so it was a lot of fun and a slightly bigger project then I first thought. 
As I am making two of these, the first double knit and the second chunky knit , I never realised how much work was going to go into each one. With well over a hundred squares each it's a project of love !

So my question to you guys is what do you like to do as a hobby? Are you handy with a hook/ needles? Is reading the love of your life? Or perhaps journaling ? I would love to know what you guys do for fun and as always thanks for reading my blog and stopping by. Xxxxxxx

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