Monday, November 9, 2015

The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson . Review

Part historical fiction , part romance , this is the story about a young woman called Ruth at the time of the Nazi invasion into Vienna which is her home .  The story is set in Vienna and England and the main character Ruth has  been left in Vienna without her family in her home country as her family goes to England to flee the Nazi's as they fear for their life being Jewish. Her knight in shining armour appears in the form of a man called Quin who says he can get her to her family safely but it is not without many complications !
I enjoyed this book , Eva is a beautiful writer who can capture a city so well and make you feel like you are really there and you feel real empathy for her characters and their situations . A delightful book. 

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This book has been published with new covers and is available from and all other good bookshops.
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  1. i read the book too...its really a heartwarming love story and yes as you say, it does feel like your actually there!...^o^