Sunday, November 1, 2015

My Sunday

A banned book mug and a banned book at breakfast time... Well why not I say !
Some scribbling necessities .... I love the colours of these pens. It does a heart good to see the pretty colours. 
Planning the week...I have a head like a sieve with too many drainage holes so writing things down is a must , adding stickers... Well that is just plain eye candy for the brain.  

I spent today reading and enjoying this book by Nicola Cornick. House Of Shadows. If you enjoy books that go back and forth in time then this is the book for you . I am off in search of more books by this author .

Listening to:

Yoga... I have been doing yoga for years and love Adriene's series on YouTube 

Finishing my night by reading this: P.s it is sooooo good! The Dark Days Club
Adding this to my lips because it is cold enough to make polar bears shiver and my lips are not enjoying that fact! 
Then catching some zzzzzzz because quite frankly a lady needs sleep if you are going to battle all manner of fictional monsters in your dreams  ;0) Night night lovelies xxxxxxxx

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