Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yes Please by Amy Poehler . Review

I knew nothing about Amy until I came across the movie Baby Mama that she starred in with her good friend Tina Fey. So when I found out that this awesome lady had written a book I could not wait until publication day. I got this book from and it is Amy telling us her story along with some of her friends who happily helped her tell other parts of it.  A lot of the story is told about her work , she has had a wonderful and rich career filled with some amazing people and a supportive family surrounding her. Her life can be glamourous but she does not shy away in telling us the darker parts of the life she has had which I found inspiring. From being a young girl right up to present day we get a good idea of this smart funny intelligent woman that we know and love on screen. There is some serious parts and some down right funny bits that could make you spit your tea out with laughing, so there is plenty in here for everyone .
Read this if you like inspirational women ! 

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