Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Secret Admirer by Carol Ellis

This was my favourite Point Horror book as a teenager and I remember saving up my gardening/babysitting money so that I could get it. I was not disappointed !
The story begins with a family moving to a new town , the main character of the story is a teenage girl called Jenny. Jenny's family are living in the outskirts of the town surrounded by nature and the beautiful if slightly eerie Rimrocks. Not long after arriving in town her parents are called back to where they previously lived leaving Jenny alone in their big house with her faithful dog Peaches.
It does not take Jenny long to make friends , but not everyone may be who they seem to be.....
I read this book many many years ago and it has stayed with me ... A girl alone in a house.... noises outside.... a secret admirer or someone more sinister..... danger , fear , and one gutsy teenage girl at the centre of the story. There is a lot of mention of the Rimrocks throughout the story,it is  a rocky bluff near where Jenny lives and where the teenagers in the town like to climb and hang out, and it really sets the mood for the story.
I would love to see this book , and in fact the entire series made available on kindle and republished in paperback so a new generation of teens can get as much enjoyment as my generation of teens did reading these. A truly great series of books that did not lose any of the fear inducing moments in the years since I last read this. I will continue to read this again and again.

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