Monday, September 29, 2014

Letters From Pemberley by Jane Dawkins. Review.

From the first chapter I knew I was going to love this book and I was right . The cover is very pretty and   It does not stop there, the start of each letter is pretty and the entire book has a feminine feel to it.
For those of us who loved Pride and Prejudice this is the perfect continuation of that story. Jane and Elizabeth are now married ladies. Jane is living in Netherfield with her husband Mr Bingley and Elizabeth is living further afield in Pemberley with her husband Mr Darcy, the letters are told from Elizabeth's point of view, we never see Jane's replies but you do have a good idea about what she wrote going by what Elizabeth replies to it. This is a sweet book that I cannot rave enough about. Funny, touching and told very much in style of Jane Austen. Def a book for all the Jane and Elizabeth Bennett fans who can't get enough of these awesome sisters. 
If you do read and enjoy this book then you might want to read the next book : More Letters From Pemberley, I can't wait to start that book and I am relieved now that I bought both these books at the same time. 

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