Monday, September 1, 2014

Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian.Review.

Never have I fallen for a book so fast!
I started reading this and thinking Wow, oh WOW!!!!! I got excited, I fell in love ! Oh these characters !! I cried for them, great big blubbering sobs that had me dropping tears over my much loved book.
This type of reaction just does not happen often. Okay there may be a slight glistening tear when I read sometimes but this was the type of book where you could hug your book and fall asleep with it tucked into the crook of your elbow and wake up with a book shaped dent on your face in the morning . I did not care that there was a lot of pages in the book, I dreaded finishing it ,each chapter so beautiful I did not want it to end . 

At the heart of the story is an unsociable old man and a shy fearful young boy who has to go and live with him during the war . Tom had a sad past and he was stuck in a rut and keeping himself to himself, along comes this young boy called William who is in a worse state then Tom emotionally and somehow their pairing becomes the best thing that could have ever happened to either of them. 

Read with a box of tissues and a big cup of tea. It's the most glorious comfort read! You will wish you had your very own Mister Tom. 

Published by Puffin Books

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