Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. Review.

This was the first Nick Hornby book I have read and I am thrilled to say this was perfect. When I say it was perfect I mean it had everything I could want from a book. Excellent writing, original plot, intriguing characters and it made me feel something. The story begins with four depressed people on the top of Topper's Tower in London on New Years Eve. They don't know each other ,they have all just come up here on one of the most depressing nights of the year and decided to throw themselves off the building   , none of them were expecting that there would be a queue! 
The story is broken up into sections , told by each character. Martin the disgraced television presenter, Jess , the angry young woman. JJ , the ex band member who is now delivering pizza, Maureen, the mother raising a disabled son on her own . None of their lives have worked out how they hoped and all of them at the end of their rope( Pardon the pun) . 
This was written so well , with paragraphs and sentences so spot on at times that you sit back and let it sink in as he managed to verbalise so clearly a moment or a feeling that it takes your breath away. 
If you want a book about hope, unlikely friendship , new beginnings and yes depression then go read this as soon as you can . Now off I go to find every other book Mr Hornby has ever written. 

I won this book through the giveaways on goodreads. 
Published by Penguin.

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