Monday, June 30, 2014

June Favourites

There has been a big change in my diet and make up favourites this month as the hotter weather really alters how I feel about food and makeup. 
My favourite food each morning is this one with sliced banana on top . With either a glass of water or juice .
Skin needs all the help it can get during the hot weather so to treat it as kindly as possible I have been using these products on face and body.

Face masks 

For the skin that is seeing lots of sun sea or sand I recommend:
On hot summer nights these are a blessing:

To help prevent sun damage 
Freshen up
Body treats

For days when the thought of putting on a full face of make up brings you out in a cold sweat:

These two guys above are perfect shower products. Refreshing and smelling great. They will give you a real pick me up in the morning.
A citrus blast in the morning
The smells like delicious , you will have to resist licking your hand .
These two products are keeping my hair as clean and tame as possible .
The breakfast scrub by Soap and Glory. This is a WOW scrub! Smells glorious and does exactly what it is supposed to.
I have been chilling out to these CDs from the Lush Store. 

Well guys that was my June, hope you have had a great month. X x x x

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