Thursday, June 19, 2014

Across the Universe by Beth Revis. Review

This was my very first Beth Revis book and I have to say I REALLY enjoyed it!
The story starts with the main character and her family being  frozen to be later awoken at a date in the future when they are going to be needed to do specific work. Things do not go to plan and the story is both claustrophobic and nail biting and 100% engrossing . I do not want to give any of the story away but the plot was original and gripping ,the world building was breath taking.   I could completely imagine this world on this space ship(Godspeed) that the author described and I was grateful that I could feel the wind on my face and breathe fresh air while I was reading it. My favourite character was the main character Amy. Amy is strong and resilient and makes a great heroine. 
If you enjoy dystopian, fantasy, space books then you will likely enjoy this book a lot. I will definitely be carrying on reading this series. This is book 1.

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