Thursday, September 26, 2013

W Is For Wasted by Sue Grafton. Review.

When I knew this book was coming out I had it pre-ordered . This is one of the longest mystery series that I have followed . I have followed Kinsey and her life since A is for Alibi and I can't say a wrong word about this series. As much as I love each book we are getting ever so close to the final one in this alphabet series with the main character Kinsey Milhone.

 Jeeze I love Kinsey's character ..  funny.. keep fit loving McDonalds eating.. book loving... loyal friend who is not afraid to break the law a little and get dirty in the name of a day's work while making sure her one good black multi use dress is always ready for action. 

This book I am glad to report is just as good as every other book in the series and any fan of Kinsey will love it! The story is intricate and has a few different story lines going on here but don't worry it is not confusing and if anything it makes the story even more moreish to read. In this book Kinsey seems to have gained an added extra boost of gumption and there were many times I had a smile on my face just for that reason. Henry I am glad to say is still here. Henry is in his 80's and I fear for him in each of the books as I love his sweet character and how much like family him and Kinsey are and so I don't want to see him die at all. In my mind I am hoping that Sue will finish this series with Henry still living so I can be quite content imaging them both still living next door to each other , being great friends and looking out for each other ... Henry will keep baking and Kinsey will keep snooping.... that would be perfect.
This story was interesting from the very beginning and I really had to pace myself as I try to always make these books last a little longer then I would normally take to read a book as Sue normally publishes a new book in the series about once every 2 years approx. This book/series is worth spending time with. The storyline is always original and there is humour and tenderness in each story as well as some good old fashioned detection work . The series is all set in the 80's from what I can remember , it is very refreshing remembering a simpler time with less gadgets and electronics.

I recommend getting this book and a blanket and a cup of something hot and tasty and curling up for an afternoon of great characters , plot  and a satisfying ending.


  1. I found it depressing. I love Kinsey and have also read the entire series. But this one got to me. I had pre ordered it but wished I had not bought it. I hope in the last 3 she will give Kinsey more adventure and less domestic drudgery and perhaps give the readers a more upbeat mystery. Its depressing subject matter yes, but also how Kinsey keeps getting dumped over and over by the same men and her life is so lonely.

  2. I love how strong Kinsey is matter what life throws at her she fights back and Henry has her back. I did not feel reading the story that she is too concerned about not having a good relationship, it feels like she is not ready for it yet. It would be great if the last few books were more upbeat as we are coming near the end, it would be great to end on a high note. I found her to be a lot more spunkier in this book. Did you find that too?