Saturday, September 7, 2013

Murder Of A Sweet Old lady by Denise Swanson. Review.

Murder Of A Sweet Old Lady is book 2 in the Scumble River Mystery Series By Denise Swanson. I recently read the first book in the series and really enjoyed that so I had to pick up the next book straight away. This book surprised me. Why? Well it normally takes a little while before I warm to characters and the plot but by page 12 there I was sitting down holding back the tears from dropping into my cup of tea as I hoped beyond hope that what I thought had happened had not.
Awww Denise you really know how to grab the readers attention right from the beginning , when an author does this well it is a joy to behold.
 Skye is the school psychologist and  the main character of the story/series and she is a feisty , hard working, well meaning person. I don't mean a do-gooder. She really is a nice character.
 When Skye's personal and professional life take drastic turns for the worst and begin sliding downhill faster then a bicycle without brakes rather then sit down sobbing eating a  small lorry full of chocolate she does what any sensible sleuth does..she snoops!
The plot was genius. Having her personal and work life  running side by side it gives you plenty of plot to get your teeth into making it very hard to put down . I could not have predicted how the story would end but it was excellent and this has only wetted my appetite for book where did I leave it............

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