Sunday, September 29, 2013

Austenland by Shannon Hale

From the gorgeous front cover to the very last page this is a  delicious Jane Austen packed book of  loveliness.
The story is about a woman  called Jane who is a 100% Janeite. Jane is completely in love with the novels of Austen and everything Austen related. Basically a true fan. When she is one of the people that has been  left something in a family will , what she is given is a stunning present. A trip to England to an Austen retreat/holiday. This is a truly unique holiday one which she is very unlikely to ever forget. Jane has been pretty unlucky in love all her life and the beginning of each chapter is testament to that. This holiday could finally sort out her...obsession... with all things Austen so that she can move on with her life, get rid of all her Austen merchandise ,and find an ordinary man perhaps.........
I am an Austen fan.. I read the books when I was younger but I just did not feel "it" then( "It" is the unique feeling that Austen makes you feel about her characters and the world she creates).Sometimes I think if you don't like a book if you go back to it and read it at another time I think you can  understand it better. I am definitely a Janeite now and I think if you enjoy all things Austen you will really enjoy Austenland. to see the movie this week....

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