Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Weekend With Mr Darcy by Victoria Connelly. Review.

Ok.. I am warning you from the beginning there is going to be lots and lots of gushing.... You have been warned.

Ahhhhhh I loved this...sigh.... First lets begin with the cover.. I mean HELLOOOO gorgeous!!
Autumn leaves, Girl on a swing, dashing man in the background.. what's not to love!
The story begins in the run up to a weekend where Janeites ( Jane Austen Fans) meet up to talk all things Austen. I mean that alone has my interest before I knew anything else about the story. College lecturer Katherine is going to be going there to give a talk and Robyn our other female lead character is going there as a treat to herself ,being a huge Austen fan.
Neither woman is having a great personal life, it's either non existent or soooo bad it's tedious so this weekend of talking romance about some of the best male literary characters is going to have many people's heart racing as well as being just what these too female characters need in their lives.
The characters in this story are truly wonderful and it is incredibly hard to leave them  so even though the book  has well over 300 pages I read it very quickly. Throughout the story there are quotes that most Austen fans will be familiar with as well as mention of the places of where Jane Austen came from and characters from all of her books. This book was written so well I have no fear recommending it to any and all fans of Austen as a truly indulgent read . This is not a book to be read just once, it is one to cherish and gobble up when feeling down in the dumps for a guaranteed pick me up.

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  1. This book is Kathrine, Robyn and rest of Janeites handbag book. I had it first on audio as reserved it by accident instead of book. The audio had me by end of first page that was read! The characters are so well written and you instantly fall in love with them and want to give them a hug or thump them. A very enjoyable read. Recommend the other books in this series.