Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Thoughts And Happenings Of WIlfred Price Purveyor Of Superior Funerals by Wendy Jones.

I thought this was a lovely book ! The characters were very interesting , especially that of Wilfred. There are many times I wanted to give him a good shake. Wilfred is pretty dreadful in the art of asking a woman out. Honestly if he was real and not just a character in a book I would be standing in front of him going no no no no no Wilfred!!! It is because he is so clueless that makes him adorable in a way, you can't help but want to take him under your wing. I really enjoyed this story!!!  Wilfred  helps run the family funeral home and he is very good at what he does, it is the subject of love he struggles with. When a moment of madness  seeing a beautiful woman in a yellow dress takes over him it causes him more trouble than he could have ever imagined!
Wilfred's character really grew on me quite quickly as did the other characters in the book. Before you know it you are really keen to know them all and what makes them tic. Small town life and all that comes with that plays a role here too and it is really enjoyable seeing it all through the characters eyes. This story filled me with mixed emotions , I would love if this was made into a series!!!!!
It was the title of this book that first attracted me to it but I can honestly say I loved it.

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