Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An Awesome Cosy Read.Marie Green Rocks!

I love finding more cosy author's!!
The first thing that attracted me to this book was the title, the second thing was the cover. I had never heard of the author Marie Green before I picked up this book , but after reading it I will be crossing my fingers that another book by this writer will be published soon.
The story is about a group of women who work at the library, these women are people you would love to have as friends , witty , nice ordinary women. Their personality's are really clear making it very easy to picture each one of them  in your head . The story was very believable and the different elements to the story  families, spirits, friendship, mystery to name but a few made it very moreish esp all the mentions of the food the characters kept nibbling.
As soon as I finished the story I was straight on Goodreads to see if this author had written anything else , so far I can't find anything but as I said at the beginning I hope there will be another book out soon carrying on from this book.
It was wonderful spending time with these characters, together they make a great story!

Marie's Amazon Page.

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