Monday, August 26, 2013

Missing Amy by Joanne Clarey.Review.

Missing Amy by Joanne Clarey (A Hummingbird Falls Mystery Series)
Wow this was fantastic! I could not even put it down to eat my dinner!
This story is a prequel to the Hummingbird Falls mystery series which I adore! I could not have been more pleased when I heard that there was another book out in this series and that this time we were going to get some background to the history of the town of Hummingbird Falls.
This book goes far back in time to the 1800's and a rich family who have promised to help a mutual friend's daughter come out in society. When the young woman leaves her home to come and stay with the Abbott family things are an awful lot different then she expected them to be. Startled at first with her current situation she makes the best of it and later makes some friends. Some of which she can share her love of reading. Reading is something she turns to for comfort and I think a lot of people could relate to that . Amy is a strong and sweet character and smarter then some around her might think. There is an eeriness to the story.. slightly menacing at times that builds the tension very well and kept me guessing. It was a story that got me interested from the very start and pulled me along very willingly to the heart stopping end. This story was truly magnificent and a bit of a heart breaker. There are plenty of good and bad guys in this story. It has something for everyone.
I was so very lucky to receive this from Joanne. As one of Joanne's biggest fans  I was truly honoured.

Below is a link to where you can buy this wonderful book.

Below is a link to where you can buy this book.

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