Monday, August 19, 2013

Ebook , Paperback , Audible book Haul

An Englishwoman in New York by Anne-Marie-Casey...This book is stunning, gorgeous cover!!!!
I was sent this book for review from the kind folks over at
The publisher for this beautiful book is John Murray, an imprint of Hodder.
 Howling at the Moon by Karen MacInerney. Book 1 in the Tales of an Urban Legend series. I was waiting for this book to arrive so that I could finally start on this series..Yay!!!!!!
 Nice Girls Don't Live Forever by Molly Harper. This is a wonderful series about a young female librarian who has recently be turned into a vampire. I have listened to the first two books through and now hope to read this book(book 3) and the previous two.
 The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbriath... I can not begin to tell you how excited I was to hear that the lovely J. K Rowling had written a detective story. I was on amazon as quick as possible to get it.
 I have never read anything by Laini Taylor before but I have heard nothing but good things so I am keen to see how I get on with this book.
 The Selection by Keira Cass.. Beautiful cover that this picture does not do justice when in black and white.
 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne.. I have been really into books about the sea etc this summer so I could not resist this well known classic ..
 I know.... Yes it is ages before Christmas is here but seriously as soon as the summer is nearing end I am already thinking about my favourite holiday. ...I got this to get me in the mood for that.

Missing Amy by Joanne Clarey is book 5 in the Hummingbird Falls mystery series. I was gifted this book by the author and I am very excited as I am a huge fan of the series and have read all of the books.
I also received the audible version of Heirs and Graces by the lovely Rhys Bowen. I adore this cozy mystery series centered around  the character Lady Georgiana Rannoch, 35th in line to the throne. Georgie as she is better known is a fun character, not as well off as she would like but excellent when it comes to playing detective. It comes in very handy when she is helping her relations out..esp The Queen. Action and adventure along with quirky characters and often hilarious situations makes this a series worth following from the very beginning. In this series Georgiana is off to help Jack Altringham adjust to his new position in society, Jack has very recently arrived from the outback of Australia and has a lot to learn about his new life in England.
Below please find a link to where you can hear a free sample of this book and others in the series.


  1. Firstly, that top cover is GORGEOUS. Second, Daughter of Smoke and Bone is amazing. Her writing is breathtaking. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Thanks Sonia!! It really is gordeous. I am going to have to check if Smoke and Bone is the first book in the series.