Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Competition Prizes Arrived from Wishlist!

I entered a competition that Wishlist were running last week on their website. The winners were announced on facebook and I was the very lucky winner!

Today our lovely postman arrived with some parcels under his arm and one of them contained these goodies!!
Below you see the fab book bag that all my goodies came in.

 5 retro movies, a beautiful new book by Kim Izzo and a book bag to put all my goodies in...
                                                            I am one lucky lady!!!!
                        Look at this beautiful cover!!! Stunning!! The story is about a woman who's husband has left her and Clara (our main character) decides now would be a good time to reclaim her life while dressed in her ever so glamorous grandmother's vintage clothing that she inherited . I can't wait to read this!
 When dressed up in your most glamorous outfit what more could a lady ask for...Well a staircase of course to stroll  down ..These were the perfect DVD choices for me as I am a huge movie fan and am particularly fond of old movies...
         Cary Grant and Grace Kelly... Sigh..... Movie perfection produced by Alfred Hitchcock!
                                                               Love this movie!!
                          Ahhhh Bogart...You really were one of the coolest guys in films
                                                              More movie goodness!!!
                               Thank you so very much to Hodder  Wish List and Kim Izzo

Hodder Web Site

Kim Izzo

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