Friday, June 7, 2013

Claire DeWitt And The Bohemian Highway by Sara Gran.

Clare DeWitt is not your stereotypical private eye. This laid back lady is successful at what she does but she is on a downwards spiral after the death of her long time friend Paul. Claire takes up the case to find out who killed her dear friend while her heart is breaking for the loss of him. This is where she really begins on a path of self destruction and you really begin to feel for her. Clare is really suffering and it feels like she is almost trying to end her own life at times. This story is hard to put down so takes hardly any time to read. It is the story of a death and a journey and a very satisfying ending. This is a series set in San Francisco that I will definitely be following from now on!

This book is for release in July 2013 from Lovereading and all good bookshops.
I received this copy from for review but you can read other reviews and an excerpt over here:

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