Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hearse And Buggy by Laura Bradford

********* Minimum amount of spoilers***********

....sigh... I loved this!!!!! This is book one in the Amish Mystery series by Laura Bradford and I am hooked. I have since got the next book in this series.
The story is about a young woman called Claire who moves to Amish Country Pennsylvania. Living with her aunt in her B and B and running a new shop selling Amish wares life has really started to improve for this recently separated young woman. Throw in a dead body, red herring's, a different culture and lots of mystery and you have yourself one very enjoyable read. There are some wonderful characters here ,Claire, her aunt Diane and Esther are my favourites. I love the friendship between Claire and her aunt and Claire and Esther. There is something really comforting reading about them, I think Esther looks up to Claire a lot, and with Claire and her aunt I think they both need each other and gain a lot emotionally by living together, maybe a little more so on Claire's side since leaving her ex husband, I think she is still very vulnerable. This was a wonderful book from start to finish and I can't wait to begin book 2.

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