Friday, June 28, 2013

Midnight in Havana by Peggy Blair

I started this book thinking it was just going to be a plain old mystery book , I realised incredibly quickly that it was out of this world brilliant! This book had everything I could have asked for in a story. There was mystery, suspense , characters I cared for, baddies,a thrilling plot, red herring's , a perfect setting in Havana in Cuba and an ending that blew me away. There is not a single thing I could fault this book on, I can't wait until my friends read this book when it comes out so we can talk about it. I will be reading everything this author publishes in future without a doubt as this book kept me guessing from beginning to end making it very hard to put down.

I was kindly given this book by but you can get it when it is released in July 2013 from and all other good bookstores.
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