Wednesday, February 24, 2016

When She Was Bad by Tammy Cohen. Review

The story is told in two parts . The first is a family that has abuse at its centre and the second is about an ordinary office where the staff get a new boss. I had no idea for the longest time if or how the two stories could be linked. The abuse in the Egan family was terrible , I really felt for the children. Then in the office the boss , Rachel, is evil in heels! She seemed to gain pleasure from hurting people and making them afraid . This book gives us tiny glimpses about the past but it does not give up its secrets until the heart stopping last page. The different types of terror between these pages makes for an uneasy read , but it's completely impossible to put down. I hated the narcissist Rachel , she is completely unlikeable , but makes a great bad character ! The twists in the story surprised me and the entire plot came together very well at the end. If you enjoy mystery/ thriller books then I think you will really enjoy this. 

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