Monday, February 22, 2016

Sleepless In Manhattan by Sarah Morgan . Review

This story is set in New York and centers around one woman called Paige ,and her best friends who after they are all let go from their jobs decide to start up their own business where each friend  brings her own unique qualities to the new venture. Paige was my favourite character , she is a special character  , she has had a tough life , spent a lot of time in hospital and it has left more then just phisical scars but she is really trying to make something of her life now . Jake is the love interest of Paige's in the story,a  business man with a heart of gold and I was really looking forward to these two getting together but there was always something coming up between them so it was a waiting game to see if they would actually get together. This was a very enjoyable story . I am looking forward to the next book by Sarah. 

I received this book from the lovely people at Netgalley.
This book is being published March 2016
And will be available from all good bookstores then.
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