Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Dress by Kate Kerrigan . Review

The story begins in the 1950's in Ireland with a boy called Francis. Francis has a bad home life , and after one two many incidents he is helped by his teacher,  but instead of staying he decides to leave and run far away.
Fast forward to present day and we meet Lily , a fashion blogger who takes an interest in a specific dress from the past not realising it is going to lead her on an adventure into the glamour of New York and those who were part of it . 
The story goes back and forth in time with these characters and from Ireland to New York.  Francis changed his name to Frank and made a very comfortable life for himself with Joy , a very glamorous woman from a wealthy family. They have the perfect marriage until Joy's drinking and spending gets out of control and cracks begin to appear. While trying to fix their marriage Joy decides to have a dress made that will wow Frank and remind him how much he really loves her not realising that the very thing she is going to do could be the downfall of their marriage in the form of Honor , a dressmaker with a connection to Frank's home town . 
It is a beautiful story full of glamour and real heartache that is perfect for those of you who like a book that will make you want to read it all in one sitting!

I received this book for review from the lovely people over at This book is due to be published in September 2015 and will be available from Lovereading and all other good book stores then. 
Below please find a link to this book on the Lovereading website.

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