Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fatal Reservations by Lucy Burdette . Review

I am a huge fan of this series based in Key West , this is book 6 in the series and in this book Hayley's friend Lorenzo has got himself into some deep water when he is accused of murder. Everything is pointing against him so it's going to be up to Hayley and her housemate Goria to get him out of trouble if only they could find him first as he has run away!
Working on Key Zest magazine has got Hayley trying lots more food which I adore! Some mouth watering discriptions leave it impossible to read this book without lots of snacks present. Quite a bit of the story takes part in the cemetery and I loved that setting ! Reading the description of the setting makes it really feel like you are there seeing what Hayley is seeing  . Hayley's love life takes a bit of a battering this time round but with her work and finding a real killer she has a lot on her plate ! 
At the very end of the book there is sweet and savoury recipes sure to make your mouth water and I for one can't wait to try them out. This was another great book in this series!

Below please find a link to Lucy's website where you can find out about all the books in the series and the lovely author herself. 

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