Monday, July 20, 2015

Kitchens Of The Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal. Review

The story begins with a young couple meeting, falling in love, marrying , having a baby. Then the story takes two very unexpected twists and we are on a new adventure . The story is based around a girl called Eva who has an unusual palate and enjoys the whole process of cooking and different kinds of food , through this love of good food she meets many people and she becomes famous in food circles for hosting spectacular dinners that have huge waiting lists years in advance. Now that her name is famous in food circles her name reaches ears of those most keen to meet her and see what this chef is really like.
This was a surprising story about love, family , and at the centre food! Delicious recipes are included in the book and there is many mouthwatering descriptions throughout the story that will have you craving something delicious while reading this!

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This book is being published in August 215 and will be available to buy from Lovereading and all other hood bookstores then. 
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